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What is the Fraternity App?
Today online learning is a very lonely journey - there is no students' community where they can share achievements, get inspired from, or see others in action and get motivated for their goals.

The Fraternity app provides students with a safe and curated SOCIAL LEARNING experience - to share their issues, accomplishments, tasks, progress with their online Fraternity - group of students with similar goals.
The self-study section combines a task to-do list, timer, and status updates of a small cohort. Some students find regular updates too disturbing, so they can turn them off via a button on the top right (next to the alarm clock). The alarm clock is programmed to ring after every 45-minute session, so students can take a break, stretch their body, and take a tall glass of water before continuing further.

Whenever your looking to accomplish daily tasks, hop into this section, set your tasks and go at them.
We believe students gain more from learning in a group. The group study room provides an experience of seeing other cohort members as well, so the student does not feel alone.

Reach out to us at or call at 9871002345

Or connect to the founder at: Linkedin