Group Study Room

Study in a no-disturbance environment where you can watch others study, and compare your progress with theirs.

Face to Face Online Classes

See the teacher and other students, just like an offline class, but in a small batch with personal attention from teacher.

Group Discussions

Discuss and chat with friends and peers face to face, just like you do offline. More interaction, better learning.

Tired of studying alone at home?

Fraternity offers an environment where students can study, discuss, relax, recharge and be themselves.

1. Group study rooms filled with real people who you can see and wave to!

2. Video Chatrooms with friends, peers and tutors

3. Access to people who truly care.


A group of people working towards the same goal.

A collaborative environment where students focus on their tasks, but can also see tasks of others and their progress.

Public video chat rooms: video conference rooms where you can see others studying, and have freedom to create your own private groups to discuss.

How do we ensure Social Learning?

By maximizing focus, motivation and access, while minimizing distractions.



Communicate with your peers in public or private chats with individuals or groups.



Be in a video conference, but mute your and others' audio. Focus on your tasks in 45-minute sittings.



See others' task progress. Attend challenges, share your notes and get others' love.



Control who has access to your feeds, and block distrubances. Women-only video chat rooms also available.